WDC Assembly reflection

Sarah here, and I want to share about the recent opportunity I had to attend the Western District Conference annual assembly in North Newton, Kansas. It’s an easy trip for me since my parents live near there and I grew in a congregation that was (and still is) active in the conference.

I wanted to go in part because I love all things church – even the messy ones. You could say I’m a bit of a church nerd. But I also wanted to go because I wanted to tell people about our fellowship group here.

On my name tag at the assembly I said my “church” was the Mennonite Fellowship Group of Columbia. It sparked a lots of interest and many a conversation, but when I told the story of the Mennonite Fellowship Group of Columbia, at first I wasn’t sure what to say.

When it comes to us, when it comes to our identity as a group, I think sometimes it’s easier to define what we are not than it is to define who we are. We are not a congregation, but we’re not just a group of friends. We’re not a church plant, at least not in the ways you’d think of a church plant. We have not ever talked about finances or passed an offering plate or thought about a building.

What we have done is eat together and sing together and make infant care kits together and laugh together and share our lives together. We have welcomed new friends and said goodbye to others, and at times we’ve even talked about our history and our faith and our skepticism. This is the story I told, and to my surprise, people were eager to listen.

I was extraordinarily touched when one woman reached out her hand to me and asked, “How can I pray for you?” The question was a bit surprising, but after thinking for a minute, I said, “Pray that the people who are looking for us will find us.”

Whether you pray or not, send us that good hope, that those looking for food and singing and community and Mennonite fellowship in Columbia, Missouri will somehow land here.

Peace to you,



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