A Spirit-Filled Hymn Sing

I was reading recently about Mennonite theology, about how our tradition has very few systematic theologians. In part this is because our Anabaptist tradition has always intimately connected belief and life, faith and practice in a way that makes following Jesus the stuff of our ordinary days. Amy Gingerich writes, “As Mennonites we practice our theology on the go, in the midst of daily life,” and so cookbooks and hymnals are texts that shape our understandings of God and community in profound ways. It should not be surprising that when our Mennonite Fellowship Group gathers, the two things we always do are eat and sing. Both are expressions of community and both are strong foundations upon which to build lives of connection and meaning.

And so we invite you to come and sing. Sing with us to connect with community and perhaps even to connect with the divine. Jamie and I will provide wine, dessert, and Mennonite hymnals. Bring your own beer or preferred spirit (or drink). Together we will make music!


What: A Spirit-Filled Hymn Sing

When: Sunday, November 17, 7 p.m.

Where: Sarah & Jamie’s house (email for directions: sarah.n.klaassen@gmail.com)

Who: Mennonites + Friends … with a particular need for men who sing bass



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