Happy Birthday to Us

one year cupcakeOne year ago this month, the Mennonite Fellowship Group of Columbia gathered for the first time. Jamie and I hosted, and we were expecting a handful of people, but then at 6 p.m. our doors opened to a flood of Mennonites. Imagine our surprise as they kept coming through the door. We quickly pulled out extra chairs and plates and utensils. No one seemed to mind our disorganization, and just like that, around a crowded table, a new community was formed.

Over the last year our fellowship has said goodbye to some and welcomed many others. Over the last year we have eaten together many times not to mention the singing and canning/preserving and even the camping. We have grown in size, and sometimes the group doesn’t fit well into one house. We’re contemplating a regular meeting time and maybe even a book/Bible study instead of our sporadic gatherings.

Our relationships have grown too, into a hospitable community of friends and faith, sharing values like peace, voluntary simplicity, service and compassion.

I can’t help but wonder what surprises year two will bring, and in the meantime, Happy Birthday to Us!



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